Lab Week Wrapup!

DTPM celebrates lab week with Tide Labs

April 18 – 24th was Lab Week! We celebrated all of the lab staff we have at our own Tide Labs with treats and special events for each day of the week! Check out the galleries below: Get to Know the Tide Lab Ladies A Week Full

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Tide Takes Action For Cervical Cancer Awareness Month

January is Cervical Cancer Month

Cervical Cancer Awareness January is Cervical Cancer Awareness Month. We at Tide are here to educate you about the risks and symptoms of Cervical Cancer, as well as the importance of routine screening. Cancer has affected a significant number of people’s lives in some way and there

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COVID-19 and its affect on Laboratory Supplies

COVID-19 and it's effect on Laboratory supplies

How the Supply Shortage is Affecting Laboratories We are all aware of the impact that the global pandemic has had on our society. One of the impacts that affect laboratories such as Tide Laboratories is the shortage of many supplies and consumables that were once readily available.

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What We’ve Learned About COVID-19

What we've learned about COVID-19

What We’ve Learned About COVID-19 A Timeline of COVID-19 In December 2019, an outbreak of COVID-19 (SARS-CoV-2) ensued in Wuhan, China, which lead to a global pandemic that supervened upon the year 2020. Due to the rapid spread of the virus, experts began to work tirelessly on

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QIAamp 96 High Throughput Method for DNA/RNA Extraction

Process 192 samples in approximately 1 hour with our High Throughput method

By utilizing the same chemistry in two 96-well plates, our QIAAmp 96 High Throughput method for DNA/RNA extraction allows you to process more samples in less time utilizing the Sigma 4-16S Centrifuge. Contact your DTPM Sales Representative to discuss improving your laboratory’s efficiency, performance, and capacity. QIAAMP

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All About Our Coronavirus Panel

All about the COVID-19 Test provided by Tide Laboratories

As a high-complexity CLIA-accredited laboratory, we assist clinicians and healthcare providers in quickly identifying the pathogens and underlying causes of disease. We offer a variety of panels for our clients’ testing needs. Our coronavirus panel is one such option. Types of Pathogens Detected While COVID-19 is certainly

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The Value of Molecular Diagnostics

Learn the Value of Molecular Diagnostics Laboratory Testing

Laboratories like Tide Labs have an immeasurable impact on diagnostic and treatment decisions made by health care providers. Diagnostics testing is used in 70% of decision making by healthcare officials according to the CDC. But they do more than just help healthcare providers diagnose a disease. Here

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How Do COVID-19 Tests Work?

The first and most prevalent method used to detect COVID-19 is through molecular testing. The collection methods may vary slightly in reagents, all methods are used to detect specific parts of the viral genome. For COVID-19 tests, it starts with a nasal swab. Here’s how a COVID-19

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