We’ve got a new tagline, and we want to talk about it! A slogan is a representation of a business in a few short words. To help us decide on what would represent our company, we ran a contest amongst employees to develop a slogan that accurately described the work we do at Tide Labs. Here’s how we came up with our new tagline, and what it promises for our clients.

The Competition Results

With nearly 50 entries to review, there was an obvious theme amongst our employees. Fast, accurate, dedicated, innovative were a few of the common themes within the submissions. But one word continuously showed up amongst entries: results.

Tide Labs: Because Results Matter

Why Results Matter

Tide Labs is committed to helping its clients get fast and accurate results. Diagnostics testing is used in 70% of decision making by healthcare officials according to the CDC. In other words, medical decisions depend on accurate and timely lab results. Lab results give doctors a better understanding of what is ailing their patients and can even help them save lives.

At Tide Labs, we pride ourselves on our fast and accurate testing results. To continue to be a leader in molecular testing, we must continue to prioritize the thing that matters most, the results. Faster results mean faster treatment which could result in saving a life. That is why results matter.

The Value of Molecular Diagnostics

Laboratories like Tide Labs impact the medical field on a daily basis through their use of molecular diagnostics. It’s more than just diagnosing a disease though. By diagnosing earlier, clinical laboratories are able to lower costs that are incurred through treatment. By detecting diseases sooner, a patient may be treated sooner, resulting in less intensive treatment and possibly shorter treatment times. This may also help physicians contact trace patients faster, helping to prevent the spread of viruses and decreasing the number of people needing hospitalization.

The life cycle of a lab test

Molecular diagnostics also offers a more personalized medical experience for patients. This is due to the nature of molecular testing. Molecular testing can detect genetic information about diseases and identify the unique genetic profile of individuals. Medical professionals can narrow down treatment to exactly what a patient needs. Learn more about the value of molecular diagnostics here.

Why Choose Tide Labs for Your Testing Needs?

Testing through methods like polymerase chain reaction (PCR) offers test results faster than ever before. Once the process of testing begins, results are available at Tide Labs in 2 hours and are communicated to physicians using our Laboratory Information System (LIS).

Now you can provide patients with the quickest and most accurate diagnosis possible! At Tide Labs, our PCR testing offers a variety of benefits. Our testing process will offer your patients an expedited result, thanks to the use of molecular diagnostics. PCR testing offers unmatched accuracy, meaning your patients can trust the result. Our collection methods are simple and our experienced laboratory staff is ready to help. Learn more about the PCR testing process here.

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