About DTPM


Industry Leading Laboratory Setup, Management & Supply

Established in 1993, DTPM is one of the nation’s largest providers of comprehensive laboratory solutions.  A quarter of a century after its founding, DTPM continues to grow and advance the options available for medical facilities, physicians’ offices, drug courts, and other laboratories to affordably perform needed toxicology tests and maintain state-of-the-art services.

It’s your lab, but we offer a proven track record in providing total laboratory solutions at a simple cost. As needed, DTPM assists with:

  • Analyzers, supplies, and accessories
  • Methods development, management support, and staffing
  • Expert assistance in obtaining CLIA license and meeting HIPAA compliance
  • State-of-the-art laboratory management information systems
  • Extensive training, support, and 24-hour assistance

Located in Fort Payne, Alabama, DTPM prides itself on being “national in scope, but local in service.”  When we use words like comprehensive and customized, we mean that we start by listening to your needs, goals, and budget.  Then our experienced consultants, technical teams, and customer service reps design the turnkey solution that is right for you.

Our goal is nothing short of your success.

Frequently Asked Questions about DTPM

Want to learn more about the laboratory solutions from DTPM? We’ve compiled a few frequently asked questions to help you understand what DTPM can do for you.

What Does DTPM Do?

DTPM is a manufacturer and supplier of molecular testing and drug screening equipment and supplies of all kinds.

DTPM has developed a simple “cost per test” system which enables thinly stretched judicial budgets to afford high quality, accurate, dependable analyzer results for their participants.

We also provide molecular testing options for labs in a wide array of laboratory settings. Current panels include Urinary Tract Infection, Wound, Respiratory, STI and Women’s Health. Our dedicated Research and Development Team, lead by Dr. Martin Johnson, is constantly looking at new and improved panels and testing options. At DTPM, we handle an array of laboratory services, including licensing, equipment, Standard Operating Procedures, and personnel selection and training.

Learn more about our panels here.

Who Do We Serve?

Physician’s offices, Independent Reference Labs, Hospital Laboratories.

Why Would a Physician Install Their Own Lab for This Testing?

Improper use of antibiotics is the most important factor leading to antibiotic resistance. This often falls directly on physicians to have fast and reliable testing options. That’s where DTPM comes in. Both accuracy and efficiency are paramount to get the correct diagnosis. Our testing method is faster than the typically used Traditional Culture Method. RT-PCR offers greater than 99% accuracy, with a turnaround time for results in as little as two hours utilizing our molecular testing method.

Why Choose DTPM?

With over 450 labs in 45 states, DTPM is a leading provider of laboratory solutions. We’ve been trusted since 1993 to provide a comprehensive array of drug testing equipment, supplies, and services to our partners around the nation. With this kind of experience, we’ve seen it all. We can help you choose the right services that fit the needs of your specific laboratory.

How Do I Get Started?

Interested in adding RT-PCR testing to your laboratory services? Call or email us today! Our experienced and knowledgeable sales team will guide you through the process, to help you select the DTPM services that best suit the specific needs of your laboratory.

Please give us a call at 256-845-1261 or email us at sales@dtpm.com!

Have More Questions? Give Us a Call at 256-845-1261 or Email Us at sales@dtpm.com!