Your Partner in the Lab Industry

DTPM is a leading provider of turnkey laboratory solutions, currently serving customers in 47 states and growing. Trusted since 1993 to provide a comprehensive array of diagnostic lab testing equipment, supplies, and services. DTPM is your total solution provider.

Who We Are — Total Program Management

  • DTPM is your partner from the beginning, providing customizable total program management solutions including complete laboratory setup and management.
  • We provide everything your laboratory needs including instrumentation, installation, ongoing services, and access to our online store of laboratory consumables and supplies.
  • DTPM is a dedicated team of experts who work with labs of all sizes to help guide them through the process of setting up, running, and maintaining an efficient laboratory.
  • DTPM has a proven track record of superior service and support with strong response times. Our technical team provides extensive training and 24-hour maintenance assistance.
  • We offer turnkey solutions for lab development, management support and staffing, and provide expert assistance in obtaining CLIA licensing and meeting HIPAA compliances.
  • We provide a large range of assays and reagents to customize comprehensive test menus to best fit your needs while supplying ready-made testing panels for quick startup.

Why We Do What We Do — A Shared Mission of Success

DTPM’s roots were planted as a drug screening company to become another important part of the recovery process. DTPM has since flourished. We currently serve more than 650 labs in 47 states and are a leading provider of turnkey laboratory solutions. DTPM now supports physicians offices, reference labs, drug courts and treatment centers across the U.S. and provides state-of-the-art lab equipment, total program management, molecular testing and drug testing.

DTPM is affiliated with Family Life Center, New Outlook Detox, and Rapha Treatment Center in which each organization supports the many stages of recovery. The most important aspect of these organizations as a whole are the people that work within each organization.

Our team cares about those of whom we serve and enjoys getting up and going to work knowing they are going to make a difference in someone’s life. To be a part of a bigger picture is the most humbling and rewarding aspect of what we do. Giving back just isn’t something we do as a requirement to fulfill as a company, but it is a humbling way of life for so many of our staff members and the very reason so many join DTPM and the other affiliated organizations.

What we do makes a difference in so many lives every day and our foundation was built on faith and the mission to bring change and sobriety into as many lives as we can, while serving healthcare providers and laboratories with the means to do so.

No matter how we grow or what comes next for us, our vision still remains clear.

Partner with Us Today

Our dedicated team of laboratory experts will discuss your unique needs and how we can best help aid in your laboratory’s success. DTPM prides itself on being “national in scope, but local in service.” When we use words like comprehensive and customized, we mean that we start by listening to your needs, goals, and budget.

Give us a call at 256-845-1261 or fill out an online contact form.