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Your Partner From Beginning to End

DTPM is an expert leader in laboratory setup and management for toxicology and molecular testing.

DTPM’s mission is to support your molecular or toxicology testing facility from start to finish. We specialize in laboratory setup, staffing, procedures, ongoing supply and management, productivity, cost-efficiency, and regulatory compliance.

You own the lab – We make it a success.

DTPM's Services Offerings


What We Offer

Agreements Based on Your Needs

At DTPM, we support the needs of testing labs in a variety of settings such as reference labs, recovery courts, physician offices and treatment centers.

Regardless of your laboratory setting, DTPM has the right agreement that best fits your specific needs. With our Cost Per Test agreements, you receive state-of-the-art analyzers, associated equipment, and consumables without the
up-front expense.

Reliable Team of Experts

DTPM offers exceptional support in every area, from sales and installation to account management and customer service.

From our management consultants to our in-field technical service teams, you will work with laboratory experts whose reputation for their accessibility and problem-solving skills are well-earned. When you choose DTPM, you are choosing a team that will work for you.

Superior & Affordable Service

At DTPM, our lab setup and support agreements keep your operation on the cutting-edge of toxicology and molecular testing while keeping your costs consistent and affordable.

In addition to setup services, responsive technical support, and training, our agreement periods assure that your lab keeps pace with the latest laboratory technologies.

Accuracy & Dependability

Assuring that your equipment is calibrated to the highest sensitivity and able to deliver the most accurate results is one of our most critical tasks. Where validation studies are required, our PH.D.(s) provide side-by-side assistance with your staff throughout the validation process.

Ongoing total preventative maintenance and support is included in our agreements. DTPM provides an expert technical service team to ensure continual, reliable, and proper operation of all testing equipment.


Who We Serve

Physician Offices


DTPM supports physicians by providing knowledge, direction, and customized agreements to meet the unique demands of a physician owned toxicology or molecular laboratory.

Reference Labs


Success in a reference lab setting means handling high volume routine and specialty testing, while maintaining accuracy and reliability that healthcare professionals can depend on.

Recovery Courts


Recovery courts have been hailed as one of the nation’s most effective methods for intervention and treatment in the judicial setting. Recovery courts hold offenders accountable with regular and random drug testing.

Treatment Centers


Scheduled drug testing is a key component of monitoring recovery in a drug rehabilitation setting. DTPM assists labs that are affiliated with treatment centers to perform reliable, secure testing.

Interested in Partnering with Us?

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