Treatment Centers

Drug Testing Solutions

In its Public Policy on drug testing, the American Society of Addiction Medicine recommends drug testing in clinical treatment settings, where medically appropriate.

Scheduled drug testing is a key component of monitoring recovery in a drug rehabilitation setting.  At Drug Testing Program Management (DTPM), we assist labs located in or working with treatment centers to perform reliable, secure testing and analysis of urine, hair, blood, sweat, and saliva in testing for the presence of drugs and alcohol.

We offer both laboratory supplies and consumables, and everything needed to setup a high complexity laboratory.

  • Collection kits, gloves, and accessories
  • Desktop analyzers and reagents
  • Point of Care Devices

Is your treatment center working to establish an in-house drug testing lab?  DTPM has the experience and know how to help get your new service up and running.  From equipment selection and validation to policies and procedures, DTPM provides expert consultation as well as needed equipment and supplies.

We can even assist with lab management and laboratory information systems (LIS).

At DTPM, our mission is to combat substance abuse through helping establish drug testing facilities of the highest quality and supporting them with unparalleled drug screening accuracy and dependability.


To find out more about working with DTPM, or for more information on how we can support the success of your molecular or drug testing laboratory, contact us!