Process 192 samples in approximately 1 hour with our High Throughput method
By utilizing the same chemistry in two 96-well plates, our QIAAmp 96 High Throughput method for DNA/RNA extraction allows you to process more samples in less time utilizing the Sigma 4-16S Centrifuge.

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High-Throughput Purification of Viral RNA

Isolate DNA and RNA from viruses, including the SARS-CoV-2 virus, with this 96-well high capacity kit.

QIAamp 96 Viral RNA KitDNA and RNA bind to a silica membrane and pure DNA and RNA is eluted in water or a buffer provided with the kit. Contaminants and inhibitors are completely removed.

By using two 96-well high capacity kits, laboratories are able to process up to 192 samples in approximately one hour.

Uniquely qualified to handle high throughput applications, the QIAamp 96-well extraction kit will allow your laboratory to quickly and safely extract DNA and RNA from a variety of sample matrices, including swab transport media and urine.


Sturdy, Powerful, and Versatile with Ease of Use

Highly Programmable

The user is able to enter and store up to 60 programs on this centrifuge, saving users time and streamlining processes for laboratory staff.


The Sigma 4-16 Series is compatible with a variety of fixed-angle and swing-out rotors, as well as numerous buckets and adapters.

Ease of Use

The Sigma 4-16S comes with Sigma’s patented one-button control, making this machine especially easy to operate, regardless of experience.


With two 96 well plates, the Sigma 4-16S is capable of processing 192 samples in approximately one hour.