The Life Cycle of a Lab Test

The clinical laboratory is a major part of our healthcare system. A physician or other clinician orders a lab test for a multitude of reasons. This could be to diagnose, treat, manage, or monitor a patient’s condition. The life cycle of a lab test includes multiple facilities

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Case Study: Local PCR & LCMS Testing Lab

DTPM helps a local PCR and LCMS testing lab with CLIA Compliance

Case Study: Local PCR & LCMS Testing Lab See how DTPM’s full laboratory turn-key package helped this lab get set-up and stay profitable. The DTPM Solution: DTPM’s full laboratory turn-key package was the right fit for this laboratory. Through this solution, our CLIA experts were able to

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The Value of Molecular Diagnostics

Learn the Value of Molecular Diagnostics Laboratory Testing

Laboratories like Tide Labs have an immeasurable impact on diagnostic and treatment decisions made by health care providers. Diagnostics testing is used in 70% of decision making by healthcare officials according to the CDC. But they do more than just help healthcare providers diagnose a disease. Here

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Case Study: Non-Profit Drug Court

DTPM helps Non-Profit Drug Courts take testing in-house

Case Study: Non-Profit Drug Court See how DTPM’s top-tier customer service and extensive experience with Laboratory setup and management helped this Non-Profit Drug Court take testing into their own hands. The DTPM Solution: A lab of their own, set up by DTPM and personalized for their needs

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How Do COVID-19 Tests Work?

The first and most prevalent method used to detect COVID-19 is through molecular testing. The collection methods may vary slightly in reagents, all methods are used to detect specific parts of the viral genome. For COVID-19 tests, it starts with a nasal swab. Here’s how a COVID-19

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Know the Facts About Antibiotics

Know the Facts About Antibiotics Each year, almost 2 million people in the U.S. become infected with bacteria that antibiotics can’t treat. Because these bacteria no longer respond to antibiotics 35,000 people die each year from these kinds of infections, according to the Centers for Disease Control

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Molecular Tests versus Antibody Tests for COVID-19

Currently, there are two types of tests for COVID-19: a molecular reverse transcription-polymerase chain reaction (RT-PCR) test and an antibody test. Both tests are used to detect COVID-19 but it’s important to know when to use each of them. Molecular Testing Through RT-PCR The RT-PCR technique targets

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What is Antibiotic Stewardship?

What is Antibiotic Stewardship? Antibiotic stewardship, sometimes referred to as antimicrobial stewardship, refers to the efforts made in doctor’s offices, hospitals, long-term care facilities, and other healthcare facilities to embrace a mentality of only prescribing antibiotics when necessary. This is observed by prescribing the right amount of

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