From the Judicial System to the Judicial Sales Manager

The Journey of a lifetime with Judicial Sales Manager, Mark Boyanton

Mark Boyanton has had an amazing journey that has led him to his current position as the Judicial Sales Manager for DTPM. He truly loves what he does because he understands all aspects of the judicial system. His story is an inspiring example of what you can accomplish in life and how your past can structure the path to your future success.

Mark’s journey began as many others often can relate to, being raised by a single and working mother with three brothers and a dream of seeing the world.

“My story started a long time ago. I didn’t have to walk uphill both ways to school or anything, but I did order my first chickens from the Sears and Roebuck catalog. Being raised by a single, working mom with 4 boys made it easy to get away with things like smoking marijuana. I spent a lot of time dreaming about seeing the world and ran away the first time at 12 and hitchhiked to Florida. After that first time, I stayed on the highway and made it as far as the Pacific Ocean by 15 years old.”

Due to his ambition to see the world, Mark decided to join the Navy at a young age in search of more adventure and a reputable career. It was an honorable decision, and He loved serving in the U.S. Navy, this chapter came with its own set of hurdles.

“I joined the Navy at 17 and spent the next few years sailing that same Ocean, crossing the equator twice before my 18th birthday. I loved the Navy and moved up quickly in rank and became a Postal Clerk before I was arrested for Pot. It cost me my security clearance and military career.”

Once Mark returned home, he struggled to adjust to his new life and his addiction, There was a plan for Mark and his life was about to change forever after meeting the current CEO of DTPM, Gene Cleckler.

“I wandered aimlessly until my mom in Alabama offered to get me in treatment in Bradford. My counselor there, Gene Cleckler convinced me there was a better life out there. Gene became my mentor and lifelong friend and with his help, I stayed clean for years becoming a Nationally Certified Addictions Counselor, and eventually a Court Referral Officer in the state of Alabama.”

It seemed that Mark had found his calling to serve as an addiction counselor, then a Court Referral Officer, helping others in their time of need. What happened next led to Mark’s first encounter with the other side of the Judicial System.

“Years later, I made the terrible decision to relapse on pot, which led to harder drugs. Active addiction ended for me when I was arrested for manufacturing meth in the girl’s dorm at JSU. A very wise Judge in Calhoun County Alabama allowed me to enter treatment while awaiting my day in court.”

Mark’s actions could have led down a dangerous road of addiction and struggle but instead, it led him to Tri-County Outreach, Jesus, and the next chapter of his life.

“While at Tri-County Outreach I had the “Spiritual Awakening” I heard so much about it in the rooms of a 12-step fellowship to which I belong. The staff took us to church one Sunday, and my heart broke in the back seat of that van realizing what a mess I had made of my life …again. I was crying like a child when I sat down. A sweet old woman tried to get me to go to the altar, but I was afraid, and couldn’t stop crying. The preacher stepped on stage and said, “ I know it sounds crazy but does anyone just need to run to Jesus before we start the service.” I took off running. That day 100 people ran to that altar. I don’t know about the other 99 but I’m still running after Jesus today.”

Once Marks’s court date arrived, he plead guilty then applied for probation with around 20 others in similar situations position. He describes his experience as the one that helped him get my life back on a positive track. The experience allowed him to relate to those going through similar situations and understand the importance of the drug court system.

“I plead guilty after completing treatment and applied for probation. I, along with about 20 others were told that in one week we would be drug tested at our probation hearing. Failure would result in denial and a prison sentence. Almost half that were tested failed, even with a weeks’ notice that it was coming. I passed and was granted probation and learned some valuable lessons about addiction and drug testing. I took a job as a Pastoral counselor at Teen Challenge, then The Foundry where I helped to start a beautiful Farm in Cullman Alabama.”

Mark was living his life, clean and walking with Jesus when his old friend and mentor Gene Cleckler called one day and offered him a counseling job with Family Life Center. He accepted enthusiastically and spent the next decade serving on the Jackson County Drug Court team as well as their Family Wellness Court team.

“I learned first-hand the value of accurate timely drug screen results in the lives of my clients. Literally, hundreds have thanked me years after they tested positive and told me their recovery began with that positive drug screen.  It was one of the greatest honors of my life to serve on those teams for Family Life Center.”

Mark’s unique journey then brought him to his current position as Judicial Sales Manager position with DTPM, His life has been intertwined with the judicial system, which allows him to passionately share his story and have a positive impact on others.

“When Gene told me about the Judicial Sales Manager job with DTPM, I saw in an instant that my whole life had been in preparation for this position. I’m no scientist, and I was glad to learn the analyzers DTPM places in courts across the country require no science background (they do the science for you),

I’m just an addict in long-term recovery who found sobriety through the Judicial system. Today, I get to serve that same judicial system by supplying courts with state-of-the-art analyzers and testing supplies.  I have found a home I’m proud of at DTPM and would love the opportunity to visit with your team and discuss the many options available today for drug screening or share my story with your participants.

I know the work you do can be discouraging, and addicts will always make stupid decisions. Just hold us accountable. It’s ok to let us hurt. Just don’t give up on us. On behalf of us all, thank you for the work you do every day. God bless you and Merry Christmas!”

DTPM offers great Services to drug courts that provide judicial intervention in the lives of drug-addicted and alcohol-dependent offenders. We have an experienced team of passionate people like Mark who not only invest and believe in the Drug Court System but care about the people that are affected by it.

Is your community establishing a new Drug Court?  Looking to make your court-ordered drug tests more reliable or cost-effective?  DTPM has the experience and know-how to help get your new service up and running.  From equipment selection and validation to policies and procedures, DTPM provides expert consultation as well as needed equipment and supplies. Contact us today to see how we can help!