Could Drug Testing be a $6.3 Billion Business by 2019?

The report “Drug Screening Market by Products and Services,” by projects continued growth in the drug testing market for the next several years.  Along with a detailed overview of the major drivers, restraints, challenges, opportunities, the report predicts market growth from $4 billion in 2014 to over $6 billion within just a few years.

In a report on toxicology laboratories in the US, IBISWorld predicts that increased employment and economic recovery will continue to drive drug testing as employers scramble to deal with the increasing use of illicit drugs in the United States.

From basic urine tests to complex confirmation analyses, the years ahead are slated to provide peak demand for these essential services.  Employee and workplace safety is primary concern when business, government, and non-profit organizations look to medical providers and law enforcement officials in their community for help.

Drug Testing Settings

At DTPM, we provide the resources, expertise, and guidance that brings accurate and reliable drug testing to a variety of settings, including:

We offer more than analyzers and reagents, our business is built on a philosophy of Total Program Management.  It’s a turnkey solution that allows medical and legal facilities to bring drug testing in-house while encountering minimal risk and benefiting from maximum ROI.

DTPM’s mission is to support your screening laboratory from start to finish.  We like to say “it’s your lab, but we make it run.  We have the proven business system, laboratory supplies and consumables, expertise and support to make your drug screening efforts a success.