Urine Drug Screening in a Physician’s Office Setting

Drug screening in the setting of a community doctor’s office offers two primary benefits:

  • More informed care of the PCP’s patient base.
  • A service of value to local businesses, organizations, and government in hiring and maintaining a safety focused work force.

Urine drug screening is a preferred initial test, with fast, inexpensive options available that many doctors should consider making a part of their practice.  Perhaps the most important benefit of establishing in-house testing is the ability to quickly monitor treatment situations where the doctor’s decision hinges on the patient’s use or abuse of prescription and illicit drugs.  In these situations, the convenience and cost-efficiency of onsite testing is difficult to beat.

As a part of the communities they serve, doctors’ offices can now provide low cost urine drug screening services to businesses, organizations, and municipal governments.  Pre-employment screenings, random workplace drug tests, and incident-triggered tests are useful in enhancing a safe workplace environment where employees are involved in safety sensitive occupations, like transportation, construction, medicine, and sports.

The Barriers to Establishing a Lab

Establishing a lab in a physician’s office setting may seem a daunting challenge.  The equipment is expensive, and the expertise to manage and interpret tests requires rigorous training.  Test results must be accurate, reliable, and confidential.  To be of the most use, they must be fast and informative.

To acquire the benefits of in-house testing without the risk and expense of venturing into unknown territory, physicians’ offices turn to DTPM. With experience establishing turnkey laboratory operations since 1993, DTPM offers exceptional support in every area, from sales and installation to administration, accounts management, and customer service.  It’s your lab, we make it run.

When you choose DTPM, you are choosing a team that goes to work for you from day one; a team whose single goal is your success.  To learn more, call us at 256-600-1111, or visit our Contact Us page.  Our customer service staff is ready to help you today!