False COVID-19 Test Results from Thermo Fisher Testing Kits

The FDA has reported risk of false results with Thermo Fisher Scientific TaqPath COVID-19 Combo Kits. We wanted to assure you that while DTPM utilizes Thermo Fisher equipment and other consumables, we do not use their COVID-19 assay. If you are already partnering with DTPM to enable your laboratory to test for COVID-19, you can be assured this FDA notice does not apply to you. If you are currently using the affected test kit, we invite you to contact our sales team to see how DTPM can assist you in retesting affected results quickly.

Reliable Testing with DTPM’s COVID-19 Assay

Our FDA approved COVID-19 Assay is one of over 130 molecular assays that we have developed, and our fifth assay created to detect strains of the Coronavirus (Coronavirus 229E, Coronavirus HKU1, Coronavirus NL63, Coronavirus OC43).

Our COVID-19 Assay allows for naso or intranasal collection methods, and our online store offers all of the materials needed to collect and transport samples. We offer customized pricing based on your lab’s unique needs and have a full staff of experienced laboratory consultants to answer any and all of your questions.Partner with DTPM to test for COVID-19

Your Trusted Partner for Laboratory Supplies and Knowledge

With over 26 years of collective experience setting up laboratories and over 30 years of research experience, DTPM is a trusted partner for laboratories across the United States.

Here is what our customers have to say about us:

I love the customer service. They have never not called me back, no matter how many times I have called.

Anytime we have ever had a problem, the have always been able to walk us through it or find us someone immediately who can help us.

There have been other companies trying to get my business for years, at a largely discounted rate, but I am very happy with the way we have created our business relationship. Through my career, I have been a firm believer that sometimes relationships are more important than price.

We would be honored to discuss how our team can help your lab succeed and grow. If there is a challenge you are facing, we can help. The nation is currently facing a need for faster and more reliable COVID-19 testing; Partner with us to help answer that call.

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