DTPM's Point of Care Cups perform better than the leading brand.

About DTPM’s New DOA cup test

DTPM recently designed a new DTPM 16-Panel POC cup that is proven to perform superior and is more accurate than the leading alternate brand POC cup. The  DOA 16-panel Test Cup incorporates a one-step approach into a total system for on-site urine drug testing. An accurate alternative to laboratory testing with results in 5 minutes, not 24-48 hours as required by laboratories, and is one of the most accurate tests available.

The 16-panel POC Cup tests for the following substances; AMP, BAR, BUP, BZO, COC, ETG, FTY, K2, MAMP, MDMA, MOP, MTD, OXY, PCP, THC, TRA.

More features include:

  • No tipping or tilting –Our drug test cups are the easiest in the market!
  • No dipping reagent strips or test card – A fully integrated test that provides solutions in minutes. No training, special skills, or help from a third party is required to administer the drug tests.
  • Adulterants validation tests are available and compatible – Some of our cups have an integrated sample validation tests to validate the integrity of the urine sample as an extra precaution on your drug test kits.
  • Accuracy – With comparable accuracy to other brands and FDA approval, you are likely to have the correct results if the test is performed properly.

Performance of the new DTPM Branded16-Panel Point Of Care (POC) Cup in Comparison to a Currently Used Leading Alternate Brand 16-Panel POC Cup Study

DTPM’s most important objective when supplying a new product is to ensure that the quality and standards in which it performs meet and exceed the expectations of our customers. We completed a study that tested whether the New DTPM 16-Panel POC cup was more accurate than the alternate brand 16-Panel POC cup and how each performed compared to the accuracy of an analyzer instrument. In this study, the new alternative DTPM 16-Panel POC cup was tested to ensure that its accuracy was equally comparable to the leading alternate brand 16-Panel POC cup we were providing to our clients.

Providing a Background

For the last twenty years, POC testing and instrument testing has been the most common drug testing methods utilized in both clinical and laboratory settings. Many reliable sources have concluded that POC testing has an inconsistent accuracy rate due to a wide range of factors including, POC product quality, sample collection, urine dilution/hydration, and tampering. Though instrument testing has an approximate rate of 95-99% accuracy, POC testing is the most convenient method for routine drug screening and is frequently utilized in clinical and laboratory settings.

Materials and Methods

Cups used to test against the DTPM POC cup

MATERIALS: A total of 24 POC cups were used in this comparison study: 12 of a leading alternate brand multi-drug urine test cups and 12 DTPM Multi-Drug Urine Test Cups were compared. Both brands of 16-Panel cups test for the following drugs of abuse (DOA):


A total of 12 urine samples were obtained: 10 of the 12 samples were positive for one or more of the above-listed drugs of abuse and two of the 12 samples were negative for all drugs of abuse. (The samples were previously tested on an analyzer off-site and the cut-off levels for each were obtained.) The same 12 samples were tested between both brands of cups. A timer was used to precisely alert to the five-minute mark

METHOD: The 12 samples were collected off-site then properly stored. As instructed per each brand of POC cup, the samples were screened at their appropriate temperature of between 90°F-100°F (32°C-38°C).

The urine specimens were individually poured into each of the two brands of test cups: The alternate brand test cups require a minimum of 25mL and are appropriately marked on the cup; the DTPM POC cups require a minimum of 20mL which is also appropriately marked on the cup. The POC cups were tested on a flat surface area at a room temperature of 65°F-86°F (18°C-30°C) and left for five minutes as directed per both brands of cup’s specific test procedure. The round of 12 alternate branded POC cups was tested first and then individually photographed at their five-minute mark.

The DTPM POC cups were tested next with the same 12 specimens and read/photographed at the directed five-minute mark. The test results for each sample in each cup were documented at their five-minute mark. The results and accompanying data were compared and can be found summarized below.

Our Results

Following the test procedures for the 12 leading alternate brand POC cups, the results showed that those cups produced nine of the 14 positive results giving them a 64.3% accuracy value. Following the test procedures for the 12 DTPM POC cups, the results showed those cups produced 10 of the 14 positive results giving the DTPM POC cups a 71.4% accuracy value. Upon further evaluation of the data, the alternate cups delivered five false-positive results and five false negatives; the DTPM POC cup delivered three false-positive results and four false negatives.

The 12 samples received for this study were previously run on an analyzer off-site; the results from the analyzer for each of the 12 samples were recorded on the chart along with the results from all 12 Alternate brand cups and DTPM POC cups.

The new DTPM POC cups showing results

As the data displays below, the DTPM 16-Panel POC cup performed at the same level and was more accurate than the leading alternate brand POC cup.

DTPM always works diligently to provide the best possible products for our customers. We are excited about launching our newly developed 16-panel POC cup that will better serve our customers. If you are interested in learning more, please visit our DTPM store.

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