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Congress Allows States to Drug Test the Unemployed

One Facet of Growing Momentum in State Toxicology Tests

In March of 2017, President Donald Trump signed legislation allowing states to drug test applicants for unemployment benefits. In April, Wisconsin took steps to become the first state to drug test Medicaid recipients, along with a proposal to screen applicants for some state-run work programs.
At least 15 states have passed legislation regarding drug screening for public assistance applicants and/or recipients. Others are considering toxicology tests for benefits ranging from public assistance and food stamps to home heating assistance.

With the National Institute on Drug Abuse estimating in a 2015 survey that illicit drug use in the United States is now over 9% of the population, identifying abusers as they interact with state programs and requiring them to get treatment can help both with improved health outcomes and maintaining a work-ready status for the unemployed.
To learn more, visit DTPM’s website to read our recent article States Require Drug Testing for Benefits Recipients.

Drug Testing in the Doctor’s Office

Startup Toxicology Labs Love the Inkido Plus™

More doctors’ offices are opting for fast and reliable in-house toxicology screening.

Concerns about liability and opportunities for business growth come together when doctors invest in setting up their own drug screening laboratories.
On the liability side, physicians have been growing concerned for years about the dangers involved in prescribing medication and pain-killers without knowing what drug interactions might cause problems, especially with patients on illicit substances.

On the business side, the growing requirements by states for the testing of benefit recipients and by businesses for finding a drug free work force mean the opportunity to provide testing services in the community can be a profitable one.

State-of-the-art chemistry analyzers like the Indiko Plus™ from Thermo Fisher Scientific make it possible for physicians’ offices and start-up toxicology labs to get up and running quickly and affordably.

A high performance, easy-to-use benchtop system, the Indiko Plus™ has the capability to throughput up to 350 samples per hour. It’s a photometry based, random access system for clinical and specialty chemistry testing.

Some of the analyzers’ most impressive features are its ability to perform assays with small volume samples, its stat mode for urgent samples, and its use of disposable, single-use cuvettes to prevent cross contamination. A very intuitive design means the user menu is clear and simple, allowing laboratory staff to handle patient samples with ease and monitor reagent levels in real-time.

To learn more about the Indiko Plus™, as well as how DTPM can help your physician’s office establish a reliable and successful drug testing laboratory, give us a call at 256-845-1261 or Contact Us today. We offer comprehensive, turnkey solutions that range from selection of the best chemistry analyzers to reagent supply, laboratory certification, lab staffing, management, and more.

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