DTPM Discusses the Tianeptine ban on the Jay Barker Radio Show

DTPM Discusses Tianeptine on the Jay Barker Show

The Jay Barker Show hosted a discussion around men’s health and about the recent Tianeptine ban in Alabama with an all star cast including:

  • Judge Philip Seay, Presiding Circuit Judge of St. Clair County
  • Judge Charles Elliott, Morgan County Circuit Judge, 8th Judicial Circuit
  • Mayor Bill Pruitt, Pell City, Alabama
  • Ivi McDaniel, Certified Addictions Counselor and Pell City Council Member, District 2
  • DTPM Team Members, Gene Cleckler, James Ray, Nate Pointer, and Nicole Brewer

Give a listen below – the conversation about Tianeptine begins around the 7:25 mark:

Notable Quotes

“This stuff is incredibly painful to come down off of…he made the conscious decision to return to using meth because he saw that as a better alternative. …
It was not as painful to try and come off of it.” – Mayor Prewitt

“With regard to prison overcrowding – this is an excellent way to show how good drug courts are at keeping people out of prison.”
“Most drug courts are in excess of 80% success rate … and those folks are not going to jail or prison and we’re not having to pay for them.” – Judge C

“…folks were taking just obscene amounts of it and getting the exact same high as heroine. The problem is that the side effects are actually (in some cases) worse. … The withdrawal [symptoms from] coming off of Tianeptine are worse than heroine.” – Judge Elliot

Discussions around the prison overcrowding issue, how drug courts help ease that pain, why Tianeptine was so easy to buy over the counter, and so much more. Give the segment a listen and keep an eye (and ear!) out for more radio discussions in the future.

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