Turnkey Solutions with No Upfront Costs

Treatment centers strive to improve the physical health and emotional well-being of those addicted to drugs and alcohol. Many integrate the spiritual dimension and others provide counseling for the entire family.

At Drug Testing Program Management, our mission is to support treatment centers with in-house drug and alcohol testing and to make these services state-of-the-art, accurate, and affordable. Our business is built on a foundation of first-hand experience with addiction, and we believe DTPM provides some of the most advanced and innovative solutions to testing because we know the value of turning lives around.

In House Laboratory Testing

DTPM offers the capability of establishing, certifying, and supplying your own in-house drug and alcohol testing laboratory with no upfront costs.

It’s a complete turnkey solution.

Our unique approach means that no expenses accrue to your treatment center until your first tests have been completed and insurance paperwork filed. We call it “cost-per-reportable.”
Benefits range from a no-risk lab setup to the speed of onsite testing, from the accuracy and reliability of best-of-class analyzers to a service model that helps ensure profitability. It’s your laboratory; at DTPM, we make it run.

Dedicated to Amazing Solutions

Why we do what we do makes all the difference. The origins of DTPM go back to 1980s and the story of our CEO, Gene Cleckler, and his personal struggle with addiction. Typical of many who seek help in treatment centers, Gene lived a youth of impulsive and self-destructive behavior centered around the abuse of drugs and alcohol. With the grace of God, the support of family, and effective treatment, Gene was able to change the course of his life.

For Gene, sobriety helped awaken a new calling. He became a counselor to those in need, but as the years passed, Gene determined to do even more, going on to found both the Family Life Center, a nonprofit outpatient mental health and chemical dependency treatment facility now with 8 locations in Alabama, and Drug Treatment Program Management (DTPM), both in 1993. Today, DTPM has become one of the nation’s leading providers of turnkey laboratory solutions.

With each success, Gene has never lost focus on his primary calling: to bring counseling and treatment services to those suffering the blind and destructive forces of addition. He remains active in counseling today, as well as dedicating his efforts to helping treatment centers acquire the best in drug testing capabilities.

Where Guesswork Won’t Do

One of the first issues Gene tackled was the use of drug testing cups and strips that rely on subjective determination of whether lines, sometimes very faint lines, have appeared or not. Knowing that an accurate, objective test result could be the difference between a wakeup call that changes the course of a life for the better, or a false positive that unnecessarily casts doubt on someone’s integrity, Gene worked to find a way to make cutting-edge, high-accuracy analyzers available to treatment centers, doctor’s offices, drug courts, and clinics.

The drive to accomplish that goal became DTPM’s program of offering a complete, turnkey solution to establishing a drug and alcohol testing laboratory, with no upfront cost, to any facility needing one.

Establishing a Turnkey Laboratory

Even today, DTPM continues to advance the art of laboratory solutions. Step by step, Drug Testing Program Management, takes you from zero to a fully equipped and functioning laboratory with no initial capital outlay necessary.

  • We take the time to understand your specific testing goals and needs
  • Facility design, layout, and equipment selection
  • Analyzer calibration, inspections, and re-calibration
  • Expert assistance in having your lab certified to COLA, CLIA, and state requirements
  • Staffing assistance, including on site and remote lab director services
  • Reagent sales and laboratory supplies
  • Laboratory Information Software (LIS) to manage test results in the most efficient manner possible today
  • Responsive customer service and troubleshooting to keep your operation running smoothly

No other technology can provide a better drug screening service. And DTPM goes a step beyond the bullet points, establishing your lab in the most efficient manner possible.

Where a piecemeal approach can leave one vendor waiting on the services of another and delaying the start of operations by weeks or months, DTPM offers the unparalleled efficiency of one provider for all your laboratory needs. We smoothly implement all aspects of your drug testing operation from beginning to end.

Many of our competitors do not offer laboratory information software. To us, that is like selling a new car without power steering. Yes, it will run, but wouldn’t you rather have the best possible experience from that new car? It’s the same with investing in lab equipment.

On a monthly basis, a given laboratory may have over 100 individual pieces to buy. At DTPM, we provide a comprehensive range of supplies, including test tubes, cuvettes, bar code labels, reagents, calibrators, controls, and more.

Our recently updated online store for DTPM clients makes resupply ordering easy.

More importantly, our resupply system makes certain that you are not caught in a situation of ordering this part today and that chemical tomorrow. With DTPM you order only once per month and you order accurately. One order keeps shipping costs low and contributes to the affordability of our services.

What do you pay? With our Cost Per Reportable and Cost Per Test agreements, you receive state-of-the-art analyzers, associated equipment, and consumables without the up-front expense of a major capital purchase. In addition to setup services, responsive technical support, and training, our contract periods are geared to assure that your lab keeps pace with the latest laboratory technologies.

When it’s time to replace your analyzer(s) with the next generation, that too is covered under your contract.
All of this is done at a cost that assures your operation will be able to charge industry standard fees and both cover expenses and generate profit.

DTPM – Your Complete Lab Solution

At Drug Testing Program Management, we know treatment centers first-hand, and many of our products and services were pioneered in developing affordable testing solutions for the eight Family Life Center locations founded by DTPM’s CEO, Randell (Gene) Cleckler.

Serving Treatment Centers is one of our primary missions, and we would consider it a privilege to serve yours.

Interested in learning more? Give us a call at 256-845-1261 or visit our Contact Us page. We would be glad to see if DTPM is the right choice to help your treatment center succeed in its mission to change the lives of the addicted.