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Partner with DTPM today for your LCMS confirmation testing to access the following, all included with your agreement:

  • LCMS instrumentation, installation, and service
  • Laboratory design and workflow development
  • Laboratory Information System (LIS) software and full validations
  • Parts, consumables, chemicals, and supplies
  • Installation, training, and method development
  • Unmatched service and maintenance
  • Customizable testing menus

DTPM will provide you with top of the line confirmation equipment and ensure you have cutting edge technology in your confirmation lab.

  • High Sensitivity
  • Automated Data Acquisition
  • Reliable and Easy to Use
  • High Performance and Productivity

No Up-Front Costs

DTPM’s Cost-Per-Sample agreements toward equipment ownership offers your laboratory the advantages of the latest in analyzer technology without the large up-front costs. We have you covered from recruitment and staffing assistance to on-site training and support.

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