High Complexity Laboratories

In 1993 DTPM opened it’s first small laboratory with an ADX by Abbott Diagnostics.  This was not a successful venture and DTPM decided to push it’s focus to DOT drug testing.  The next 8 years DTPM farmed out most of it’s drug testing to DOT laboratories such as Roche and NHL.  Later in that period Roche and NHL became Labcorp.  That also spawned many smaller DOT labs that DTPM does business with today.  DTPM still has accounts from 1994 that it established with Roche, now Labcorp.

In 2001 DTPM began to look back into the laboratory idea and placed an Olympus AU400 in their Scottsboro location.  Today DTPM has 70 laboratories contracted laboratories.  DTPM provides products and services to laboratories throughout the United States for a total of over 350 laboratories served.

DTPM places specialty laboratories in drug courts, treatment centers and other agencies.

Prices:  DTPM laboratory prices are competitive with instant testing devices.

Below are three of our most common instrument placements

Olympus AU 400

MGC240 Brochure

Indiko Plus Brochure


To find out more about working with DTPM, or for more information on how we can support the success of your molecular or drug testing laboratory, contact us!