Alcohol Testing


DTPM has an extensive list of methods to provide testing for alcohol.  The DOT requires that you only use two of the methods below, however we have many options for testing if you are dealing with NON-DOT employees.


Breath Alcohol Testing with a DOT Certified Instrument – This is the primary method of testing for DOT employees.  These instruments must be on the Confirming Products List.  DTPM provides DOT Breath Testing at many of our location and also provides training for certified breath alcohol technicians.  The Confirming Products List link is below.

DOT Approved Saliva Alcohol Test – DTPM can provide you with the DOT approved saliva alcohol test that is approved for screening.  These are not approved for confirmations.


Urine Alcohol Testing – DTPM can provide urine alcohol testing at any of our drug testing laboratories.

ETG – EtG test is a biomarker test that detects the presence of ethyl glucuronide in urine samples.  Usually, it is used to monitor alcohol consumption in individuals who are legally prohibited from drinking alcohol by the justice system or restricted from drinking by their employers.

The EtG test is just one of many biomarker tests available to confirm the presence of alcohol in urine samples.  These tests are used to document abstinence and detect relapse, but they can also be used in clinical settings to screen for drinking problems, evaluate interventions for alcohol problems and motivate changes in drinking behavior.  ETG is not used in workplace alcohol testing.

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